Hartland Programs

Hartland Place offers several different features within the apartment community for your enjoyment and convenience. Such as, Bible Lessons and classes sponsored by Union University in Photography and Cooking. Below are current programs offered to residents:
WJBC ~ West Jackson Baptist Church. Pastors as well as church members come to our property and host over 120 kids each monday night and teach bible lessons. http://www.wjbc.org/

UU Photography~ Each tuesday throughout the school year 25-35 college students come out for an hour and follow up on what was taught monday night as well as teach other activities such as photography, music, drawing and overall team building. http://www.uu.edu/

UT Ext Classes ~ This is in conjunction with what the public school system teaches the children. These are free classes to parents so the families can learn to cook healthy together. http://www.utk.edu/

Operation Hope ~ is an after school ministry for working families that are unable to afford after school care and they host a few cook outs and fellowship gatherings throughout the year.